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 Contest Winners...FINALLY!

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PostSubject: Contest Winners...FINALLY!   Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:30 pm

Let me start off with thanking you all for your patience!!! My computer took a long walk off of a short pier, a dear friend of mine passed away in a car accident, Grad School and Fatherhood really took a toll on my past couple of months. I hope this will not discourage any of you from future contests! That being said I must also apologize specifically to "Outek" for misplacing and then finding his entries again, this also had all of the judges redo their voting an resubmit to include everyone, yes they were in on time. Thanks again, all, prizes are still being worked out and trophies finished. I will post more when that is all finished in the next couple of weeks as I hope to have them done before we move. Thanks again!
--Ben (Merc)

http://www.wargamefans.net/pc.htm <--click link to view categories and entries!

UPDATE: To the 1st place Winners in each Category, please reply to this post with your top miniature choice from your respective winning category...you will each receive a mini of your choice from your respective winning Reaper line (this does not include anything larger than game scale, no 54mm), as well as your trophy. 2nd place winners will receive a trophy and the third place finishers will receive a trophy of smaller statute as well. This does not apply to the CAV junior competition as I have already contacted them about their prizes.

1st place--C1 Shammond42
2nd place--C3 Outek
3rd Place--C5 Froggy The Great

CAV Junior
1st place--CJ1
2nd place--CJ2

1st place--Chrono2 Dargrin
2nd Place--Chrono3 Outek
3rd place--Chrono1 Amalor Myrnnyx

1st place--WL1 Dargrin
2nd place--WL3 Amalor Myrnnyx
3rd place--WL2 Amalor Myrnnyx

Congrats to everyone!
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PostSubject: Re: Contest Winners...FINALLY!   Thu Jan 01, 2009 5:33 pm

Thanks for all who voted for me. I look forward to any competitions you have in the future!

Please send me 50022: Reggie Van Zandt, Space Marine for the Chrono win and 14482: Annasha Tomebreaker for the Reaper win.

PM me or email me if you need any more information.
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Contest Winners...FINALLY!
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