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 Call to Arms League at Lightspeed Hobbies!

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Lightspeed Hobbies

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PostSubject: Call to Arms League at Lightspeed Hobbies!   Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:06 pm

The Call to Arms Tour has Returned to Lightspeed Hobbies!

A Table is ALWAYS available for the
Warmachine Tours!
Players can schedule games outside of the normal game day and play makeup games during the week if neccesary.

You can play ANY day except Friday & Saturday (those are our super busy days), during store hours!

This 5 week event runs until 3/8/09
every Sunday from 12:30pm to 6pm

Warmachine and Hordes is the exciting game of steampunk mixed with medieval fantasy that gives you massive warjacks, massive warbeasts and powerful magic to blast your enemies to oblivion!

We welcome all factions!
Players should bring between
500 to 2000 points worth of miniatures to play with!

Have you wanted to learn how to play a Warmachine or Hordes army? We can help you! Our players also teach new players all aspects of the game!

Email us for more details at customerservice@lightspeedhobbies.com

Play like you've got a pair!
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Call to Arms League at Lightspeed Hobbies!
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