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 Battleground Weird WWII Battle Reports

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Kampfgruppe Cottrell

Kampfgruppe Cottrell

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Battleground Weird WWII Battle Reports Empty
PostSubject: Battleground Weird WWII Battle Reports   Battleground Weird WWII Battle Reports Icon_minitimeTue Nov 17, 2009 1:12 pm

Since this is a forum for lovers of wargames, I thought I would post some battle reports of our Weird WWII gaming.


"A Deadly Kiss"
Succubus vs. US Airborne vs. SS Panzergrenadiers

"Enter the Treeman"
SS Panzergrenadiers vs. evil forest creatures

"A Tight Squeeze"
Captain America vs. SS Panzergrenadiers

"The Eldar Gods Awake"
Germans vs. dark entities from beyond
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Battleground Weird WWII Battle Reports
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